Sample Essay

Marks & Spencer, House of Fraser along with other retailers in the UK retail market made use of price based marketing strategies as well as discounting deals to attract customers for the Christmas season. The strategies that were most successful for the retailers pertained to timing the pricing and discounts in the Christmas seasons. The retailers provided limited and small discounts on the period leading to Christmas on the products and services however after the 20th of December most of them offered a day or two on which the prices were slashed drastically and heavy discounts were presented to the customers to encourage more sales in volumes.

The retailers can also make use of celebrity endorsement for their brands or the branding of the retail store itself. Celebrity endorsement is based on association with the celebrities which is highly effective in the United Kingdom. Marks & Spencer has king been using the celebrity endorsement and marketing technique to target the audience by launching commercials and print ads that focus on the celebrities introducing the Christmas holiday based products and services at the retail stores.

During Christmas the streets are logged and crowed with shoppers that can be an inconvenience for some shoppers. As a result the customers often want options with which they can shop form the convenience of their home at their own time without spending fuel or valuable time in traffic or on the streets. House of Fraser made use of catalogue based marketing and sales strategy to target such customers. The company also offered unique products like Christmas decorations and Christmas trees through the catalogue based marketing service to its customers as well.

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