Sample Essay

It has been mentioned earlier that it is essential for an organization which has service brands to establish a relationship with the customers. These relationships are usually formed on the common ground pertaining to the needs and requirements of the customer nd the good quality and appropriate service provided to them by the business.

The business has to attract the customers through advertising and marketing strategies and then have to retain them by establishing a mutually beneficial relationship which prompts word of mouth for the company and helps in retaining the customers. The word of mouth form such customers is more valuable to businesses than advertising and other marketing strategies as it generates more customers in a more effective and efficient manner. “It is well established that the characteristics of services are different from those of manufactured goods and that service personnel play a central role in the services experience. Moreover, the concept of relationship marketing within services proclaims the importance of one-to-one relationships between businesses and customers as well as relationships between consumers and their brands.” (O’Loughlin, Szmigin & Turnbull, 2004)

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