Sample Essay

When it comes to treatment and correction of behavior of the juvenile offenders, the implementation of the boot camp programs has gained significant importance in theUnited States. The reason for the importance of the boot camp programs in theUSis largely due to the claim that boot camps help in reducing recidivism and can help in achieving a recidivism rate of 0 percent.

The recidivism rate is a measure of the criminal perpetrators having a relapse into criminal behavior after their treatment and stay at the correctional facilitates and prisons. The position of this paper is that realistically a recidivism rate of zero percent is not possible as human nature is volatile and cannot be controlled; moreover the use of boot camp programs also does not necessarily reduce recidivism for the inmates or juvenile offenders.

A recidivism rate of zero percent indicates that none of the inmates or criminal offenders who have been imprisoned or gone through the boot camp program would be having a relapse which makes them conduct criminal activities again in the future. This statistic is rather fictitious as it is not possible to control human behavior which is volatile.

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