Sample Essay

Other problems with the test program were mainly caused by the JT9D engines. This again affected the schedule for the project team resulting in about 20 planes to be left standing at the plant awaiting the replaceable engines. The delivery of these planes as a result was delayed. However despite the delays caused by the landing of the [plane, the FAA declares the 747 fit to travel and transport in December 1969. Repairs and modification by the team however kept on taking place in the following weeks.

The cost of this project was an immense investment for the company. For this the company could not possibly finance itself, as a result it financed the project by taking out a loan from the banking syndicate. Moreover during the last stages of testing implementation and development the company has to borrow additional funds as well. The company however has been able to pay off this loan and more by enjoying a position of monopoly in the market till 2007.

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