Sample Essay

In order to attract more and diverse range of customers, the Bloomingdales has started to sell specialty perfumes in selective stores (Finn, 2004). The shift towards niche marketing and specialty lines was a result of the collection of extensive data about the customers and determining for the product demands and the purchase tends of the customers. (Hoke, 2000). Bloomingdales has also been using data warehousing and database software to support its direct marketing programs to target only those customers who are interested in their products.

This makes them more efficient. Bloomingdales has set up a CRM system that used complex MIS reports and calculations to determine the products that are bought by the customers in addition to the products not popular with the customers. The company uses the system to com[pare the current purchase patterns with the sales trends of the past to determine the best possible combinations and product lines that can be stocked to sell at their stores (Herberle, 2004)

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