Sample Essay

TechHelp USB flash drives are the specially designed for fast transfers and easy compatibility with different operating systems like Linux and windows.  The drive also supports compatibility with Macintosh and Intel machines enabling data to be transferred between computers with different system and hardware architecture. The drive is portable and small making it easy to carry anywhere on and off campus. Moreover the USB flash drives comes with Bluetooth options which enables customers to transfer data from the USB to computers without using the serial port as well.

Defined schedules, deadlines for assignments and quizzes as well as diverse project development are a norm in ones college life. In such constraining circumstances it becomes difficult for students to manage their work efficiently, more so as they tend to work at different places, making the best of the time available to them. The TechHelp USB flash drives provides college students in a college functionality of managing and transferring data between computer systems while the size and portability of the flash drives allows the student to carry their work, entertainment media as well as their projects and documents with them where ever they go.

The TechHelp Solutions Company has developed a new technology based USB device which provides the functionality of a serial port based USB as well as that of a Bluetooth based data transfer tool. The device is suitable for a diverse set of target market including both professionals as well as students. The portability and size of the USB drive make it very easy to carry and store while the functionality of the USB makes it feasible for customers to use the USB for transferring information form systems having different hardware and software architecture.

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