Sample Essay

Another great feature and advantage of the Mac operating System is that it allows the user to use both Mac OS as well as MS Windows OS on the same machine, therefore providing the user with a choice of dual OS usage. In fact it is also relatively easy to convert files created on the Mac OS to be transferred and used on the MS Windows OS through migration and conversion. The Mac OS and Mac computers provide the user with exceptional video, audio and photo processing technology.

Using the Mac OS it is very easy for the users to run professional applications for video, audio and photo editing. Mac OS based computers are highly capable when it comes to dealing with multimedia as their performance using multimedia is excellent. “Today, many computer users in business and industry are adopting Macintosh computers as a primary multimedia tool because of its superior video, images, and sound” (Jun Na   Rajaravivarma, 2003). Aside from this the Mac OS also provides application software unique in nature like iChat for chatting using audio and video, iLife for managing files related to multimedia and the Time machine application which allows the user to schedule data backups.

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