Sample Essay

ProTerra LED bulbs are designed to fit into currently installed light fixtures for many applications. They are designed to replace many current commercial installations which contain mercury and are harmful to the environment. The conversion process is as simple as unscrewing the current energy-hogging, mercury laden bulbs and replacing them with the appropriately rated ProTerra energy saving, green LED light bulbs. No modification of existing fixtures is necessary.

Another advantage of the LED technology sourced from ProTerra is that it does not use harmful chemical or elements that can effect the environment in a negative manner. Other lighting options like halide based lights and fluorescent lights use mercury and dangerous chemicals that can be harmful when exposed to skin for consumers as well as for the environment. The ProTerra LED lighting products on the other hand do not contain such chemicals therefore they are much more environmentally friendly as highlighted above.

Comprehensively the benefits that are provided by the LED lighting technology include the technology being long lasting and therefore providing a long life. There are no moving components of glass involved ion the technology used for LED lighting which again makes it more robust and less of a hazard for consumer. Then small size of the technology can make it very compact and easy to use in various applications. The technology is also cool and therefore does not burn anyone who touches is with radiation based heat. Aside from the technology for LED lighting is also very versatile and can come in numerous colors, making the application of these products in the industry and offices very widespread and friendly for the users.

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