Sample Essay

The benefits that are available to the latecomers are that they are privy to the response of the customers to the product, and have an established market for the product. This is called the free rider effect where the late mover can benefit from the effort put in by the first mover to establish the market. This was apparent in the case of Google benefiting from Yahoo as “the issues of free rider effects, resolution of uncertainty, and first-mover inertia also played a role in helping Google come into prominence.” (Wong, 2003)

Aside from this the technology required for manufacturing, procuring and proving the facility is already present and researched and developed upon by the first mover, proving the late mover with access to the technology in a much shorter period of time. Moreover the history has also shown that late comers are able to create a name for themselves in the market though the use of innovative manufacturing technology and the employment of creative marketing strategies. Some of these late comer products which are perceived as first movers due to their immense success include Pampers, Gillette, Hewlett-Packard, Netscape, and Apple.

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