Sample Essay

The intelligence quotient (IQ) and the school placement were the variables which depicted how well the children did in terms of their appropriate behavior that is social circumstances that depicted intellectual development and development of cognitive ability through. While the results were consistent throughout on the benefits of the behavioral treatment approach, the intensive behavioral treatment however provided better results and provided that proper education, comprehensive treatment and early intervention can help the autism patients fight their battles with the disease in a more effective manner.

One of the main problems that are associated with autism is the abnormal behavior of the patient and their social skills. The Asperger’s syndrome is the cause for the lack of social skills, and the difficulties that the autistic patients face with interacting with people in social situations. The presence of the Asperger’s syndrome in the autistic patients can effect their treatment styles as the patients are normally not able to determine the gray, only the black and white in social communications. The book by Attwood illustrates personal stories and depicts how the Asperger’s syndrome is treated in autistic patients. The book provides that in order to effectively treat the Asperger’s syndrome and in effect autism in the patients, behavioral treatment strategies need to be undertaken as no medicine can treat Asperger’s syndrome (Attwood 2007).

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