Sample Essay

BASF’s initial approach was highly contradictory. It approached with the plant to establish a paints manufacturing plant inVigo County and subsequently revealed the incineration plant in the proposals as well. This gave a contradictory position to what they wanted and brought about and environmental concern on the part of some of the citizens. The subsequent litigation that took place could have been resolved between the related parties only but with the process going to court and strong advocacy by the anti-BASF forces, the relations between the two took an adverse turn.

This tarnished the image of BASF among the residents along with whom they would have needed to keep very good relations in the long terms for success of their operations. Furthermore, when BASF finally did decide to amend its deal, it brought into question their integrity. If the plant had been brought into the plans before embarking on this measure, these events may not have taken place. The decision for the development plan was further brought into play at the wrong time and was expedited unduly which lead protestors to question its authenticity. In this regard, whatever countermeasures such as the visitation team that BASF used proved too late to recover the damage caused by the initial moves.

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