Sample Essay

One of the recent occurrences of a mass virus attack took place in 2007 in the form of an email virus which was the Storm email based virus which affected about 10 million computers. An email was sent out embedded with the virus with the subject line highlighting a natural weather disaster and calamity stating ‘230 dead as storm battersEurope’.

This was a very timely set up subject line as the emailed was rolled out 15 hours after the strike of a similar storm in theCentral Europewhich rendered trust of the targets in the Trojan embedded email.  The innocent and the seemingly non-suspicious nature of the subject line made the email traverse through the inbox of the people as they opened and forwarded the emails to their peers. This resulted in a global infection of the virus in the computer systems through the networks

The case involved the creation of a botnet where the people who opened the email attachment became a part of the botnet without knowing it and contributed to the spread of the virus. The storm was a Trojan based virus which affected thousands of computers all around the world under the cover of an email. It included an “executable file as an attachment. Cybercriminals took advantage of social engineering, using the news of the European storm to get people to open the attached malicious file, which promises more news on the weather emergency. The recipient must open the file for it to execute.” (Kawamoto, 2007)

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