Sample Essay

LPG is a more environmentally friendly product than petroleum and kerosene fuel and by limiting the distribution of the LPG product the company has not been able to completely fulfill the safety and the development of the environment as well.

The company is already investing in projects to increase the production of LPG. However it needs to improve the distribution of LPG inPakistanas well. Therefore in order to improve the distribution of the LPG product the company will have to employ expansion strategies for its retail outlets. One of these strategies is to cooperate with the Shell Pakistan Limited Company and utilize their already established infrastructure of retail outlets in the country to distribute and sell LPG products as well. However this is not enough as Shell Petrol station and retail outlets are not present in most of the rural locations where LPG is required. Therefore the Shell Gas LPG (Pakistan) can spend its growth and infrastructure budget on developing LPG stations and depots in the rural areas to facilitate the provision for the LPG product in the region. Aside from this the company can also sell its LPG product to distributors who can provide the products to the target market.

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