Sample Essay

We have already identified above that despite the assurance of the Shell Gas LPG (Pakistan) pertaining to the availability of the product to its customers, the product of LPG is still widely not available to the target population and consumers of the product.This is mostly due to the fact that not all retail outlets of Shell Pakistan Limited carry a division of LPG products. This constraint in the availability of LPG products especially in the developing and the already developed and urban areas ofPakistanwhere the demand of LPG is exponentially rising due to the reasons stated above.


Shell claims that it “has a clear strategy to offer and deliver differentiated Customer Value Propositions to various segments of the market, in order to increase customer satisfaction & retain our position as the premium LPG brand available in the market. Shell Gas is focused on attracting more customers and enhancing the brand by providing products and services to create customer loyalty and market share on a sustainable basis.” (‘Liquefied Petroleum Gas’, 2007) however it has not been live up to its responsibility and claim till now. This is mostly due to the fact that the demand of LPG is rising in a highly unpredictable manner. As the prices of the oil and petrol rise in the market, the demand for alternative fuel rises as well. The customers claim that in the absence of alternative bio fuel and environmental fuel technologies like hydrogen and water based engines in transport vehicles, LPG has become the other alternate that is available to them.

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