Sample Essay

The Article provides a comprehension discussion on the poem titled ‘The Dream of Rood’. The origins of the poem in the article are stated to be in early eighteenth century which was actually unearthed in the late nineteenth century. The context of the poem as per the article is based on the crucifixion of the Jesus Christ and used symbolism to describe his execution. The criticism against the poem has been highlighted pertaining to the use of pagan beliefs and values as symbolism for Christianity. Moreover the article also discusses the concept that the poem was a deliberate attempt to bring Christianity closer to the pagans and attract them towards the religion in order to convert them.

The article is very organized and structured, depicting an introduction to the poem, the major plots of the poem as well as the characters in it as well as providing the contextual history of events that take place in the poem. The article also discusses the specific criticism raised for the poem pertaining to positive as well as negative reception of the poem. The positive reception related to the themes of the poem and the literary quality while the negative reception relates to the last few lines which seem to have been written by someone other than the author as they are inconsistent in quality, literary sense as well as style when compared to the rest of the book. The article also discusses the themes of the book which pertain to battle and triumph which is described as the result of the event of crucifixion.

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