Sample Essay

The article by John Moss (2001) highlights how majority of the companies offering warranties in the United States have either defunct or minimal coverage warranties. The article provides that “the majority of the major appliance warranties in use contain exceptions and exclusions which are unfair to the purchaser and which are unnecessary from the standpoint of protecting the manufacturer form unjustified claims or excessive liability” (Moss, 2001)

            The author conducted a research of 200 warranties that were taken from major American companies. The study provided that even though presidential taskforce had been formed in the recent years to assess change applied warranties in the market, no apparent change exists in warranties since1969. Instead the warranties offer high level of protection to the manufacturer while providing little or no benefit/ protection to the customer. The manufacturers often make use of excessive disclaimers and conditions that need to be present in order for their warranties to applicable that also breach the basic warranty rights of the consumers in the market. The analysis of the warranties provided that no standardization exists in industries or in the related markets when it comes to forming and placing warranties. As a result the warranties can range from a few lines to 10 page documents of approximately 2,500 words.

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