Sample Essay

Where possible, depending on the ingredients of the iced teas, part of the production can be provided through localized production set up in India where those teas having Indian spices and traditional ingredients can be manufactured in low costs.

However those teas involving berries would need to be manufactured in theUnited Statesand then brought over to be sold inIndiadue to the high costs involved with the set up iced tea manufacturing plants for such teas in the region ofIndia.


After Sales Service

The iced tea product is a consumer product which does not require an after sales service.

Packaging and Labeling

The labeling of the products would be similar to the packaging in theUnited States, however a change would need to be incorporates in the labeling whereby the main ingredient which emphasizes the tea version will need to be pictorially represented in the packaging labeling. This is to help the consumers comprehend what the main ingredients of the teas are. Aside from this the packaging of the product will involve small PET bottles and tetra pack packaging for individual servings and larger PET bottles and tetra packs for servings of four people. 

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