Sample Essay

Most companies when entering high risk countries likeIndiatake the passive approach towards operations. The Arizona beverage Company however should take an active approach towards its operation in the region by investing in foreign direct investments in the region.

The company can set up local operations in the region to facilitate production as well as the distribution and marketing of the products to the consumers in the market.

The production set up inIndiawould be specifically based to cater to the local variety of teas appreciated by the consumers inIndia. The teas which include products such as lemon, mint, ginseng, cardamom, cinnamon and greet teas can be manufactured at the production facility inIndiaas this would reduce the production costs associated with these products enabling the company to provide the products to the consumers at low prices.  The other iced teas with ingredients rather exotic to the region ofIndiacan be manufactured in theUSand then shipped toIndiato be marketed and sold.

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