Sample Essay

The argument that has been presented in the article is that a number of the factors are adding to the hit on the crisis of the real estate and housing market. These factors include the constantly increasing unemployment rates in the metropolitan cities of theUnited States, the incr4ease demand for housing that is depicted by the buyers in the market and the inflated house prices caused by the bidding war initiated by the sellers in the market. The negative impact of these factors in face of the faltering mortgage industry is not accessible at the present; however the next financial year would depict the extent to which the housing market and industry can bear these negative forces.

The economic states of the nation as well as the recessionary pressures are influencing the consumers in the market to aim for high profits. This combined with the faltering state of the housing and real estate industry and the mortgage financing industry depicts that the future for the real estate industry is not healthy in the face of the current trends. In order to deliver sustainable growth in the industry the government will have to perform significant levels of intervention to regulate the market.

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