Sample Essay

The values of the people inGermanypertaining to charity are much more global in nature. They tend to favor charities and organizations which offer relief and support to people facing problems worldwide. While the people in theUnited Statesare much more in favor of small scale local organization that work for the betterment of the local communities. The reason for this is that the Germans state that it is the government’s job to provide for the less fortunate inGermanythrough the taxes paid by them. Meanwhile the Americans distrust the large organization due to their expansive and bureaucratic nature.

The media in the United States, specifically the cable television is considered as bad filled with nonsensical programming and biased news. Most of the news channels cover hyped up local and regional news, while very few airtime is allotted for international news. InGermanyhowever the news channels are much more trustworthy and variant and cannot be influenced by the politicians or the government. They run as a separate entity form the state and provide real life based critical reporting to the audience.  The public media is much more open and diverse in theUnited Statesas compared to that inGermany.

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