Sample Essay

The threat that is posed in terms of competition in the market is that the soft drinks/ fizzy drinks and juices can act as alternate substitutes for the iced tea products of the company,

however there is a significant trend of increasing iced tea consumption which has been launched as a public service program to increase health by the government of India and the Tea Board of India (‘Ice tea all set to challenge of soft drinks’, 2008) favoring iced teas over soft drinks corporation.

The competencies of the company pertaining to providing high quality products and low prices and providing unique and interesting flavors of iced tea to the consumers that use natural ingredients and increase awareness about health and herbs. Herbs and natural ingredients play a vital role in the diet of people in the Indian market and the company can use this competency to shape the marketing strategy. The marketing strategy can be based on emphasizing the health benefits of the natural ingredients in the Original Arizona Iced Teas and how it’s a high quality product provided at low cost to the consumers

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