Sample Essay

The main point that writer is trying to make through his paper is that anti-intellectualism actually does exist and it’s therein fornt of peoplen in their everyday life. The question of why anti-intellectualism exists (Penrod, 2003) is explored in the paper and forms the thesis of how it exists in reality. This thesis is clearly stated in the paper when the author states that antis-intellectualism exists due to the negative perspective of the general public of intellectualism based on their belief that it breeds anti-socialism as projected in the media (Penrod, 2003).

The reasons that support the claim come in the form of published survey results depicting the list of successful high school drop outs, how schools and administrations opver look the smart kids in favour of the more popular ones, and how media presents intellectualism as a disease which cannot allow one to be popular or socially active at the same time (Penrod, 2003). The author has made use of different types of sources to provide backup and support to his argument of anti-intellectualism’s existence. He has made use of excerpts of quotes, citations of other published works and listing, responses in discussion forums as well as from newspapers and published survey results. The reasons presented by the author highly support his claim.

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