Sample Essay

Her anguish for white men is depicted when inquired in the novel as to why she kills the white men. She simply replies that she does so as she is able to conduct such an act now. This shows her revulsion and hatred towards the white men in light of the treatment that she and her loved ones have received at their hands.

Dessa Rose also shows signs of weakness and frailty especially when she remembers the life and the death of her lover. The initial reaction of Dessa Rose to the death of her lover Kaine is that of bereavement and distraught. However with time it becomes more of a good/ happy memory for her to re-live the good times that she shared with Kaine to help her get through the difficult times later on in her life. Additionally the death of Kaine also fuels the hatred that she has for the white men. However with the birth of her son Dessa Rose becomes more protective and more motivated to survive in while facing the challenges thrown at her for seeing her son grow up to become a man. Throughout the story she works hard towards securing a good future laden with freedom for her son.

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