Sample Essay

The Dream of the Rood is a poem about transformation”, Germania, 2004. The article by Scylding reveals the prom titled the dream of the rood in a slightly different light. According to the author the poem provides us with the passion of the Christ as well as his crucifixion. The detailed description of the events leading to the crucifixion of Jesus more enhanced with the use of symbolism creates the literature an interesting read. The article also states the occurrence of the specific events which in the proem are to lead to the Day of Judgment and the rise of the Christ again.

The perspective of the article however is specific top Anglo Saxon culture and religion, i.e. how the poem depicts and symbolizes the Anglo Saxon traits and heritage in its context. The author of the article also discusses in his works that the poem depicts the desired characteristics that should be present in a hero/warrior, through the traits and characteristics represented in Jesus Christ. According to the author the weak figure of the Christ has been transformed into a very established and heroic [personality through the works in the prom titled The Dream of the Rood.

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