Sample Essay

The data gathered from the interviews was recorded in an audio file and was transcribes. This data was then categorised under the fields specific to information regarding the human resource management policy at place at the Lehman Brothers company, the objective and the mission of the human resource management function at the company, and the role of the human resource management function.  The responses of the interviewees in the interview were then categorized to determine the recruitment and selection strategies, the training and the development strategies at Lehman Brothers, the performance management strategies and the compensation policies of the company. The employee improvement programs of the company were also specifically focused upon.


The data gathered through the questionnaire based survey was also analysed on similar manner. The questionnaire which was mailed has section of questions assigned to the role of the HRM at the company, the recruitment and selection policies at the company, the training and development of the human resource at Lehman Brothers, the compensation of the personnel and the performance management as well as the employee improvement programs being run at the company. Data regarding the graduate recruitment programs and policies at the Lehman Brothers were also targeted.


A literature review was conducted on the information gathered through the internet search, the academic journals on the Ebscohost databases and the trade journals. This review highlighted the information specific to the fields of human resource management operations and the functions of the graduate HR program at Lehman Brothers.


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