Sample Essay

The article by Mirvis (2008) focuses on how the larger companies sand corporate entities are investing in CSR based operations to acquire them under their own corporations. Some examples of such acquisitions and mergers include those of the “Body Shop by L’Oreal, Tom’s ofMaineby Colgate-Palmolive, Stonyfield Farm by Groupe Danone, confectioner Green & Black’s by Cadbury Schweppes, and Ben & Jerry’s by Unilever” (Mirvis, 2008).

As these acquisitions are set own different principles of business and corporate values when compared to the values and objectives of their parent companies, the CSR acquisitions are therefore left somewhat independent to pursue their management, strategy and business operations. They are essentially run as separate businesses in order to retain the image that they have for the consumers as well as to enable them to attain their own highlighted goals and objectives. The Unilever Company was seeking to launch brands that target CSR issues, however they were unable to come up with one as it is difficult for a corporation to establish a new brand and depict it as a CSR. As a result the company took over Ben & Jerry’s which enabled them to target CSR issues as well as leverage the Unilever’s own brands as well (Mirvis, 2008)

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