Sample Essay

The problem is the lack of market awareness and market positioning of the UTC Plc company. The research will examine the best performing and most successful marketing strategies being used in the retail industry by the global market leaders. This is to introduce and reveal innovative strategies that can be employed for branding and positioning in the Nigerian retail industry. The marketing strategies of retailers like Wal-Mart, Harrods, Next, ASDA have also been studied and modified to propose recommendations that can work for the UTC Plc Nigeria Company. The research method used for identifying successful marketing strategies is a mixed methodology research approach including qualitative historical research and primary research using questionnaires and in-depth interviews.

The aim of the study is to depict how companies in the retail sector can make use of tried and tested marketing tactics to improve their market position and their brand value in the market. The dissertation provides recommendations which can be used by UTC PlcNigeriato improve their market position and increase their revenue from sales. Other companies having similar market dynamics for the retail industry as inAfricacan also make use of the recommendations to improve their image and increase their sales revenue.

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