Sample Essay

The cultural metaphor best suits the problem/ issue highlighted as the main issue that is faced by the company is the bureaucratic organizational culture where the decisions are all made at the very top level of the organization. As the focus of the cultural metaphor is to target the culture of the organizations, this best suits the issue and the problem at hand.

The organic metaphor is also beneficial in this case as it strives to garner an open relationship with the changing environment while increasing the responsiveness of the organization through changes by making focusing on employee empowerment and motivation building (Kuswara). The other problem that was highlighted in the previous section pertains to the low level of motivation ion the employees at the middle and low levels of the management and to strive to achieve the goals and be productive in their operations. This problem can be best targeted through the organic metaphor of the systems thinking as it also focuses on the motivation aspect of the human resource.

The cultural metaphor has been kept as the dominant or the major metaphor while the organic metaphor is kept as a dependent metaphor. The main reason for this is that in order to empower the employees at the company a strategic change in the organizational culture needs to be brought about which can trickle down the levels of the organization to impact the issue of motivation for the employees at the company. The main issue that needs to be resolved is the organizational culture, as without making a change to it employee empowerment and motivation cannot be achieved therefore the cultural metaphor is highlighted as the major metaphor while the organic metaphor is depicted as the minor or dependent metaphor.

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