Sample Essay

The advantage of the asymmetric form of encryption is that, it is possible to transmit the public keys to other parties freely over mass and public communication mediums like the internet. Simultaneously, the second key involved in the encryption is kept secretly with the sender and the receiver. The secret key can be communicated amongst the receiver and the sender through their public keys, and the asymmetric encryption on their secret key.

“In asymmetric systems the key used to encrypt a message is not the same as that used to decrypt it. If a message has been encrypted using one key of a pair it cannot be decrypted even by someone else who has that key (crucially, knowing one key doesn’t provide knowledge of the other). Only the matching key of the pair can be used for decryption”. (Crampton, 2004)

The following message traded however can be performed using symmetric encryption only making way for faster processing of information and less computerization as compared if the entire communication was conducted in asymmetric encryption. Moreover the use of asymmetric encryption also provides for the proof of origin. The disadvantage of the asymmetric encryption is that its performance is slow due to the high level of computation involved and the double keys being utilized for encryption and decryption.

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