Sample Essay

Google Inc provides its employees with extensive perks and benefits which it also promotes in the job market as well as in the industry to attract the top minds and talent for its human resource. The company effectively markets its HR compensation and benefits policy through branding and vocational advertising as well as word of mouth marketing of the perks and benefits provided at the company.

Amongst the many benefits and perks provided Google allows its employees more vacation time, free lunches, dinners and breakfasts as well as free messages and spa facilities along with innovation and technology based employee friendly office space which also features ample work and recreational spaces. Some of the perks and benefits that are provided by Google Inc to its customers pertain to unlimited sick leave days, around 27 days of paid leave one year into employment, medical and dental services, couriers centers, fitness centers like gyms, banking facilities as well as free food all three meals of the day. Additionally the female employees get 18 weeks of maternity leave while the fathers are allowed 7 weeks as maternity leave (‘Strategic HR Planning at Google Inc’, 2009).

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