Sample Essay

The benefits that is available to the company through the use of the acquisition strategy for entering the German market pertains to, the presence of an already functioning infrastructure and framework for operations. This refers to the small/ medium business in the marketing/ advertising industry that the company will be acquiring for entering into the market. Moreover the company will also have access to trained and professional staff that is present in the acquired business.

Moreover the company will also be able to acquire the contacts, already existing clients of the acquired business as well as the customer base of the acquired businesses. Additionally the technology and channels needed to operate in the market will also be already present making the transition of the company into an international business entity much more facilitated and easy. The disadvantages however that would be faced would be integrating the systems in Dubai as well as Germany and managing the staff at Germany in a manner to motivate them to work under a different name. However compare to all the other market entry strategies, the acquisition strategy works best for the company.

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