Sample Essay

Achebe published ‘Things Fall Apart’ in the twentieth century when the enslavement of the Africans was active, and due to the nature of the period, the audience is provided a more progressive and realistic depiction of the Victorian age as they see it through the eyes of the invaded. While works by European or American authors about Africa will always have the perception of an outsider in an unusual world, Achebe’s work is that of a native living in the diaspora, writing of the home he has always known.

Thus, the language and tone are unlike the other works because they display and portray a connection to the land and people that would not exist in a piece written by a foreigner. The language used by Achebe is English which he specifically used in order to enable a wider audineceto read and comrehend his work. He speicifcqlly stated in an essay which was included in the 1966 reprintof his book, that by using english as the language of his work, he wishes to convey the experince of the Africans to the world. The tone of the author who is narrating, is variant, at times becoming omnious and on other occasions depicting a sombre tone. There is also a hint of two narrators narrating the story in Things Fall Apart. The litertaure however  depicts irony of situtaion between the father and the son, as they are more suited to the times of each other. The father is depicted as more adaptable, while the son wants to live the traditaion life of his forefathers. This creates a situation of irony where the characetrs personalities are depicted as misplaced for their generations.

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