Sample Essay

The following dissertation focuses on the development of a viable and suitable positioning strategy that is supported through the branding and the marketing initiatives taken by the UTC PlcNigeria. The research undertaken in the dissertation conducts a qualitative analysis of the literature review as well as the primary research. The literature review made use of secondary data pertaining to the framework of marketing, branding, positioning, customer satisfaction, store image management and the successful marketing & positioning strategies employed by the leading retailers in the international industry. The primary research is conducted to gather information about the UTC PlcNigeriaand its marketing operations to determine the gap that is leading to loss of sales for the company. The analysis of the research conducted provides that the UTC Plc Nigeria needs to identify a target market, use multiple marketing channels for specific marketing objectives, emphasize in store marketing through the development of the store image and support the position of the company in the market, that of its brand and through the management of the store environment. The UTC Plc Company also needs to create a localized focus for its operations inNigeriato better target the market and cater to their needs while increasing the sales revenue.

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