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LPG is acquired through natural gas inPakistanmostly through the gas reserves in Sui and through refinery streams of crude oil. “It is estimated that one tone of LPG, on an average, replaces 1.96 tones of kerosene oil.

Thus, the present production of LPG in Pakistan, which is estimated around 175,744 tones, is contributing to foreign exchange savings of more than Rs. 1.0 billion per annum which, otherwise, would have been spent on the import of kerosene oil. ” (‘Liquefied Petroleum Gas’, 1999) this is also supported by the fact that there has been significant decrease in the import of kerosene oil; and products toPakistansince the early 90s. Aside from thisPakistanalso imports LPG formIran

The marketing strategy that is employed by shell Pakistan pertaining to the marketing and distribution of liquefied petroleum gas and its products and equipment in Pakistan have been analyzed according to the four P’s of marketing which include product, place, promotion and price.

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