Drop and Forge is a small business, operating as a manufacturer. The computer network in the premises of the business is a 60 computer network. The premises of the business are divided into two, one housing the office building, while the other houses the manufacturing plant. The office building is house to 50 computers of the total 60 computers, while the rest of the 10 computers are present in the manufacturing plant building.

This creates a need for a network which is can be fast, efficient and secure while being cost effective to handle the 509 computers in the office as well as the 10 computers in the plant. Moreover a link between the two locations of the computers needs to be created which is secure and can be maintained easily as the company seeks to invest little in the following years after the initial investment into the structuring and set up of a network. Currently the company uses an Ethernet system by which the 60 computers are connected. This is a form of LAN based on the coaxial cable on which bus and star topologies can be used as per the requirements.

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