The Ethernet uses a CSMA/CD carrier sense which has multiple actions for collision detection. The advantage of this network is that it is simple and easy to establish and is more secure than the wireless and satellite networks however collision solution in the Ethernet can be a problem as there exits miles of cabling which need to be checked and repaired. The other disadvantage of the Ethernet network is the extensive cost of the cabling and the relatively slower performance of the system as compared to the wireless and satellite network based systems. The coaxial cable is very expensive to install, repair and maintain, and can also take up significant space along with hubs and switches, creating a mess in the office environment.

As a result Drop and Forge has two options. Either it can use a combination of Ethernet and wireless network, or it can use a solely wireless network for forming the virtual LAN of 6o computers spread over two locations.  In the Ethernet option, the star topology could be used which uses a lot of cabling is involved but collision detection and resolution is much simpler. The star topology can be created by using hubs for individual computers and switches for a set of computers in a specific department of the business. Simultaneously a wireless link can be created between the plant and office based Ethernets so that information can be transferred and shared amongst the two networks. However the large number of computers involved, 60 computers, makes the Ethernet option too expensive for the company to use.

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