A three paragraph essay is a very basic form of essays. Three paragraph essays are the best of way to teach students the basic structure of an essay. During high school studies students are often assigned to write three paragraph essays to develop their basic writing skills. Once students become accustomed to this type of format they are assigned to write five paragraph essays that are more complicated to write. The idea is to develop essay writing skills among students that are needed for their entire academic career. A three paragraph essay has an introduction in the beginning than the main and a strong conclusion in the last. The purpose of this article is to provide you some useful tips to write basic three paragraph essays. Below are some useful tips for you to consider.

Searching a Topic

If you are assigned a topic by your teacher than you need to start gathering information to write the essay if you are not assigned a topic and you have an option to select a topic than you choose something that you find interesting.

Beginning with the Introduction

Once you have gathered information start writing with an attention grabbing introduction. You can begin by asking questions in the beginning or by providing quotes or statistics. The idea is to keep the readers interested in your essay right from the beginning. An introduction should have a strong start, an introduction of key points that you intend to elaborate on in the main body and a strong thesis statement. In other words it should be a microcosm of your entire essay. A reader should instantly know what your essay is all about by reading the introduction.

The Main Body

Once you have written an introduction it is time to expand the key points you have already discussed. This is the section of the essay where you need to provide arguments along with supporting facts and figures. The main body must support the thesis statement along with transitions as to keep your essay direct and precise.

The Conclusion

Lastly, a strong conclusion is needed to wrap up the essay. This is the last section of the essay and you should focus on leaving an everlasting impact on the readers. You can provide solutions and suggestions in this section along with restating the thesis statement. It should be a very brief summary of important points discussed in the main body.

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