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In addition to this, scientific research has also not been able to provide ground breaking evidence for the relationship between carbon dioxide and the apparent impending threat of global warming. Bellamy depicts in his article that since 1998 the temperatures around the world on average have fallen and this despite the increased emission of carbon dioxide and related green house gases. On the other hand the animals like polar bears which were facing extinction a few years ago have started to rebreed and thrive again in the sustaining cooler temperatures in the arctic. This presents how the relationship between carbon dioxide and global warming is not evidentially observed in reality.

In spite of the increased public opinion that global warming is an already incurring phenomenon and can be realized in drastic results as soon as in 20 to 30 years stands dubious as well in the face of the falling temperatures in the recent years. The world saw its temperatures decreasing in 1910 when theNiagara Falls(‘Niagara FallsFrozen Over in 1911’) froze over and then again in 1970 giving lead to the assumption that a possible ice age is near. However the trend has depicted that the weather fluctuations are a cycle that takes place every 60 or so years and is not an indicator of global warming like the media has the public believing. Recently in the February of 2009 only,IrelandandBritainexperienced one of the heaviest snow fall in the past 20 years with recorded 1 ft of snow in the hardest hit areas. (‘Heaviest snow in 20 years brings large parts ofBritainto a halt’).

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