Sample Essay

The argument against the occurrence of global warming, as highlighted by Bellamy who depicts it to be more of a myth in the general public instead of a reality, is based on the dubious nature of climate change. The climate has been changing all over the world; however the nature of the change is very different from what would be expected in global warming. Instead of the temperatures rising in regions, increased snow fall, increased rainfall and lower temperatures have been observed recently. Bellamy states in his article that a cyclical pattern is depicted by the rising and the lowering temperatures in the last century with limited periods of increased temperature along with limited period of very low temperatures.

In fact in the 1980s the same people who are touting global warming were adamant on the occurrence of a future ice age which would strike earth again based in the decreasing temperatures being observed during that time. However since after the 80s scientists, politicians as well as action groups are predicting a future global warming whereby the ozone layer would get depleted and the radiation coming to the surface of the earth would adversely effect the ecology, animal and flora/ fauna life on the planet. The evidence provided by them for the possible occurrence if global warming are the trends of climate change and rising/ decreasing weather temperatures recorded over the last few decades which have already been proven to be insufficient as with the prediction of a future ice age.

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