Sample Essay

The unfair conclusion that history is shaped and formed by only victorious and successful people does impact the portrayal of the unlucky or losing societies in the history. This is because the losing parties are often depicted in history as having a major flaw in their approach and their organization pertaining to the achievement of their objectives. Aside from this they are also often depicted as villains in a battle or a contest. It is a similar situation for the personalities who have emerged as the losing parties in history. They are usually given less exposure in history literature and are often misinterpreted by historians as well. Infact it is often considered that the successful party in history was destined to success because of their motives and values.

Amongst the people who have emerged victorious in history include people like King Arthur and George Washington. Both were politically motivated figures of history who wanted to abolish and change the structure of the then standing regime and government. Their approach and values are even now considered to be fair and justified, making them popular in history. However those people who were having similar ambitions but were not able to be successful in their objectives have not been cited in history in a positive image.

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