Sample Essay

Every country has a history and some incidents carry more significance as compared to the others.  For instance if. If the American history is examined, the Abolition movement carries high importance and is discussed a lot by historical analysts. In the chronological order, this movement began in the year 1930. The movement had a lot of flavors including how the slaves were treated by their owners.  Some professional authors and scholars have written books on this point as well.  Due to this movement, a lot of black slaves were released and a very positive impact on the American economy was created. After this era, the American economy reached anew level.

Due to immense slavery during this movement, the economy of America had been affected negatively on a major scale.  When these problems were witnessed, a movement was planted to end slavery. People who joined this movement were interested in running their offices and constructing a political image.  Various important personalities were connected to this movement but Wendell Phillips held a special place.  This important personality dedicated a lot of time to the Abolition movement. He used to give lectures so that people could develop an understanding.  Wendell was also known as he fought for female rights to that the weaker gender could attain a good standing in the society. Along with that, he stressed on the treatment of mentally ill patients.

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