Sample Essay

Environmental Reasons:

The environmental reasons for opposing the Pipeline project was because of the fact that the Yukon region was very sensitive to environmental changes and as a result could be harmed easily. The establishment of a pipeline in this area would affect the people residing in the region as well as the animals that would be forced to relocate and would eventually die or be devastated due to their move from their habitats.

IN the report Berger also stated the southern region of the Mackenzie valley was not as sensitive and susceptible to environmental harm however this did not mean that such a mass level project could be constructed here without causing harm to the environment. Aside from this he also suggested that the government should invest in creating facilities and sanctuaries in the whole Yukon and Northwest region so as to safeguard the flora and fauna as well as the creatures residing in these areas. He specifically mentioned that “Porcupine Caribou should be protected in the northern Yukon, white whales within the Mackenzie Bay, several bird species throughout the Mackenzie Valley, and Berger suggested a large reserve contiguous with Alaska’s National Wildlife Reserve (ANWR).” (‘The Mackenzie Valley Pipeline Commission Report’, 1977)

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