Sample Essay

The ontological argument put forward in the report is in the economics sections where Berger has stated that building of the pipeline would require a massive pre-project just to prepare the land for such a development. The forests and its inhabitants would have to be cleared and the land leveled enough to provide stability for the pipelines. Furthermore the building and maintenance of the pipelines produces more tremendous expenses. Any value that is calculated keeping such facts in mind greatly exceeds the value presented by the contributing companies.

Further more the technology present at the time made this task all the more daunting, uneconomical, inefficient and expensive, completely opposite to the argument the companies have presented. Furthermore the employment the pipeline construction, operation and harvest of the oil and gas is very limited to the inexperienced natives. As seen in many previous similar projects this sort of employment is not only hazardous and low salaried, but also very temporary. In this case the natives will be left with little a few years of painstaking comfort until the wells run dry and then they will be abandoned and unable to even resume their former lifestyle. Berger there fore supports his claims by proving the above stated facts which would downplay and decrease the economic value of the region.

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