Sample Essay

The economic factors that were highlighted in Berger’s report were that the economic benefit which was due to arise as a result of the construction of the pipeline was actually much less than what was being stated by the concerned parties. The promoters apparently had been falsely highlighting minute benefits to make the issue of the pipeline sell to the general public. According to Berger’s Report the large scale projects of this nature that were based on the transportation, extraction and usage of non renewable energy source were actually very expensive and costly. These projects also did not provide long term increase in employment in the region as once the source starts depleting the employment level starts decreasing in the region. Aside from this the temporary employment that would be offered due to the construction of the pipeline project would pertain to low level and unskilled jobs which would not contribute towards increasing the standards of living for the people in the region in the long term. The fact which requires notice is that specialized and skilled workers were gong to be transferred and temporarily allotted accommodation in the areas to fill the skilled labor jobs and those require substantial specialization and expertise.

It was also discovered that the construction of the pipeline would also affect the local economy of the region which was based on hunting game and fishing. “I discovered that people in the North have strong feelings about the pipeline and large-scale frontier development. I listened to a brief by northern businessmen in Yellowknife who favor a pipeline through the North. Later, in a native village far away, I heard virtually the whole community express vehement opposition to such a pipeline. Both were talking about the same pipeline; both were talking about the same region – but for one group it is a frontier, for the other a homeland.” (‘The Mackenzie Valley Pipeline Commission Report’, 1977)

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