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While questionnaires were sent out to twenty-five higher education institutions were contacted due to the availability of contact information on the HESA website.  Other institutions did not have contact details or accessible links to contact the relevant personnel.  Individuals were first sent the questionnaire which contained an introductory paragraph, and this was followed up by a phone call one week later to try and collect the data over the phone.

However this was a futile attempt as the universities were not able to provide any feedback or response to the questionnaire survey. As a result the information pertaining to the internationalising strategies and statistics was collected through the information databases and journals in the library and on the internet. However in order to provide comprehensive results for the research the University of Bradford, which was able to provide feedback and information pertaining to their internationalisation efforts was selected as the focal point of the study/. Therefore the results of the research are set for one university, theUniversityofBradfordand cannot be generalized to other entities in the higher education sector. The research therefore took on a case based approach for analysing the effects of globalisation on theUKhigher education sector and the internationalization strategies of the institutions in the sector, specifically the University of Bradford.

The results that were determined through data collection and data analysis pertain to the characteristics and the demographics of the higher education institutions and the enrolment statistics of the international students in this sector forUK. The following sections present the results of the secondary research while the case study of theBradfordUniversityis discussed later in later report.

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