Sample Essay

As mentioned earlier the response for a comprehensive market research for the UK higher education sector was not possible due to lack of response therefore a short market research was undertaken through secondary sources and  the case of the University of Bradford and its internationalisation and marketing efforts for international students was conducted.

Through secondary sources it was determined that the higher education institutions in the UK probably do not have much control over the international strategy as the British Council is supposed to manage this aspect.  International marketing however, would require more input on a strategic level and it would make sense that the British Council takes on this role.

In the literature review, Te Velde (2005) stated that globalisation in the higher education sector, could be defined in terms of migration as students cross borders and with some making the decision to permanently settle in the host countries, thus contributing to the economic activity of that country.  From observing the  Figure1.0 inthe Results section of this dissertation, it could be deduced that globalisation is clearly evident in the higher education sector in the UK.

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