Sample Essay

The objective of this paper was to identify how the UK higher education sector has changed over the period of time in terms of its marketing strategies and the marketing perspective towards the international students. The paper also aimed to determine to what extent and how the globalisation in the world has affected the internationalisation strategies of theUKuniversities. In order to determine how theUKbased higher education institutions have taken steps to take advantage of the globalization element in the environment, the paper has undertaken primary as well as secondary research.

The primary research that was conducted was based on a short questionnaire based survey which was circulated amongst the respondents comprising of university students in United Kingdom as well as to individuals who had prior and significant knowledge about the higher education sector and their  in the United Kingdom. The questionnaire was mostly quantitative and was based on the collection of quantifiable data. These questionnaires were used to determine the success of the internationalisation and marketing strategies of the universities in theUKhigher education sector.  Quantitative research were chosen because the study will collect empirical data and the evaluation of results (Creswell 2003), with a view to measure the influence of globalisation by using data provided by the higher education institutions.   The research also has some qualitative elements to it, which were derived from seeking perceptions and opinions of globalisation and its effect, and this information was used to understand the meaning behind the quantitative data (Creswell 2003).

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