Sample Essay

Dear Wendell Berry

I read your article which provides your perception regarding the way the world relationships are going on. You feel that everything today is totally fake. There is no such thing as love or a true relationship. People profess their love for another just for the sake of it. This love does not last for long and ultimately ends in the breaking of the relationship, whether that between a girlfriend and boyfriend, or a wife and husband. The promises that they make are void and mean nothing.

You say that this is exactly what is wrong with the world, and the reason why the males and females are not able to find any kind of a common ground between them. Similarly, the aftermath of marriage, like sex is also just for pleasure of one own self rather than trying to give something to the other. It is just for them to become satisfied. In fact, relationships also break up if there are problems in the couple’s sexual life.

Another issue is that you have pointed out at is the mechanical life that we are leading nowadays is also a cause behind ruined relationships and failing to understand each other and their needs.

I was pleased to see that with your viewpoint you have also suggested a solution to the problem proposed. According to you there is a need to understand and put the other person in your shoes. You need to live within human enclosures and get away from the autocratic principle of the interchangeability of parts. You say that although the feeling of really loving someone is momentary and fades off with time, there is a chance of there being a meaning to love in case of trying circumstances. And this is when the male and the female actually understands one another and come to a harmonious union.

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