Sample Essay

Here allow me to put forward my personal opinion regarding the subject at hand. Talking about my personal viewpoint, I totally agree with your proposal. It is my opinion that the world indeed has changed from what it used to be previously. Like you have written, there are more problems in relationships today and that is a result of misunderstandings being created due to different issues.

People are just competing with everyone else and in their attempt to go ahead and become better than the others they just keep fighting with the world and forget about the more important aspect of their life; their family and the relationships they are in. They blame each other rather than coming up with a solution (Sitaram and Prosser 253). This is when problems come up and keep extending till it becomes impossible for either person to tolerate.

There are certain things in life which we are not able to achieve unless we endure something. We need to be able to understand that in order for life to be positive toward us and to treat us well we also need to give it something in exchange. We cannot just sit back and just keep taking from it while not giving anything back. Same is the case with persons. We need to understand them and give them what we expect and desire of them.

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