Sample Essay

Just like Vladek’s narration of the Holocaust is said to be a biography, its second part where the relationship between Vladek and Art is delved into is the autobiography. In fact, two parts of autobiography exist within Maus. The first being when the interviews are taking place and Vladek is telling Art about his experiences. And the second is five years following the death of Vladek. In this part has been described what the author felt about the book getting published plus about him continuously trying to get together with his father as well as the Holocaust. Each of these two autobiography parts are extremely personal; they are not simply a relation of the events going on, but there is also an aspect of the complicated and emotional feelings within which is, at many times, the actual theme of the book.

For writing the book Spiegelman had researched a lot. Other than just relating the experiences of his father during the Holocaust, he also conducted extensive research regarding the event in order that his relation may be completely accurate.  Such a combination of personal experiences and factual research led to a deeply realistic narrative in the eyes of not just Vladek and but for the millions other Polish Jews. Therefore, this book goes from being just a biography to also a history subject.

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